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Welcome to Kareku, your trusted partner in the world of order-based automation and integration. Our revolutionary platform enables you to automate your workflow, simplify multi-channel order management, and turn every order into an opportunity for success.

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What We Do?

Transform Your Business With Kareku

Online Retailers

Seamlessly integrate your online platforms with various tools. From welcoming new customers to managing invoices, our automation is designed to scale with your business.

Agencies & Stakeholders

Empower your clients to achieve more with Kareku. Deliver enhanced efficiency and operational effectiveness across diverse e-commerce platforms.

Food & Beverages

Revolutionize your delivery services with Kareku. Our tailored solutions integrate your order platforms and automate repititive jobs.

Kareku Features

Revolutionizing Automation with Kareku

Smart Features

Order-Centric Approach

Kareku is built around order-based workflows, streamlining tasks triggered by order status changes.

Wide-Ranging Integrations

Kareku integrates with various order platforms and service tools for a connected workflow experience.

Customizable Workflows

Kareku offers flexibility, enabling custom workflows and automation that fits in your business.

Action Triggers

Kareku supports both conditional and simultaneous action triggers, making your operations more versatile and efficient.

Real-Time Tracking

Track order progress in real-time, visualized through intuitive charts.

Notification System

Stay informed with in-app push notifications alerting you about action triggers and order status changes.

Mobile Access

Keep operations at your fingertips with a mobile app featuring all major functionalities of the web platform.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate teamwork within the app, enabling seamless workflow creation and management.

Workflow Templates

Simplify workflow setup with pre-designed templates for common use-cases.

Customizable Alerts

Stay on top of key operations with alerts that can be tailored based on specific triggers or conditions.

Manage your workflow from anywhere

Kareku mobile app provides on-the-go access to Kareku's powerful features including real-time order tracking, customizable alerts, and intuitive workflows. More updates coming soon, as we continue to bring you automation and integration capabilities anytime, anywhere.

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Kareku provides cutting-edge automation and integration solutions globally, primarily catering to the e-commerce and food delivery sectors.


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